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Martimedia Ltd is the owner and operator of, a provider of hotel, guest house, and apartments across Europe in partnership with and supported by Microsoft BizSpark.

While most of our effort is spent in the development of roomseeker we can offer local companies in the East of England short term consultancy, please check out our services section for more information.


Martimedia is active in the Silverlight community via our corporate blog specialising in Silverlight and Data Visualisation. Some of our most popular visualisations are shown below, others can be found in the data visualisation and mapping areas our site.

How reliable is your car?

Using data from VOSPA to display the state of 1200 makes and models on the road in the UK

MP's Expenses

Using data from the guardian and bing maps to show what MPs have claimed on expenses

General Election 2010

Using data from the guardian and Ordance Survey data to display tweets across the UK

How busy is your train station?

Using Bing maps to produce an interactive map with push pins for each train station in the UK based on data from The Guardian and Yahoo GEO data to show the number of passengers for your local station

Education blackspots

Use of Bing maps to display a Geocode feed

Spotify Browser

Use of Spotifiy API to browse popular artists on Spotify, and see who's available in your region